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Local Domestic Window Cleaner Nick Allen Specialises in Houses

I have over 100 costumers that I have worked for over 20 years and 20 that I have worked for
35 years (I was 16 when I started)

Nick Allen Local Window Cleanr covering Bramhall, Cheadle, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Hale & Bowden.

In 2014 I moved over to the reach and clean window cleaning system, mainly for safety reasons. My customers who I have personally served for many years are really impressed with the great results delivered by the reach and clean system. In addition to cleaning all types of windows I also clean conservatory roofs. With the reach and clean systme I can clean windows in awkward positions that are impossible to access by ladders.

Window Cleaning Up To 5 Floors High

With the reach and clean window cleaning system windows up to five floors high can be safely cleaned from ground level and to a very high standard. I can also clean solar panels and and windows in roofs such as Velux windows.

Reach And Clean Window System

My system uses pure hot water, which cuts through the dirt much better than cold water.

Cleaning Windows For 30 Years For Happy Customers

Having been in business for so long, I have learnt what customers want. I think the service I provide is unrivalled.

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window cleaner in wilmslow

Want to show your home in its best light? Book your full exterior clean today.

Flats & Apartments

window cleaner in wilmslow

Our advanced cleaning system allows us to quickly clean hard to reach windows. Book your full exterior clean today.

Solar Panels

window cleaner in wilmslow

Get the most from your solar panels by keeping them clean with my advanced cleaning system.

Window Cleaning in Wilmslow area

Professional Cleaning of Windows and External Surfaces

Nick Allen has combined his years of experience as a window cleaner in the Wilmslow, Bramhall and Alderley Edge area with investment in the latest technology using a reach and wash system and together this delivers exceptional cleaning of windows and other exterior surfaces.

Exceptional Window Cleaning Using Hot Ultra Pure Water

My reach and wash system has many advantages for my customers. The system stores 1000 litres of water in my vehicle based system. The water is purified using water treatment filters to take out all of the chemicals added to my tap water supply together with chemicals which are naturally occurring. This enables the ultra pure water used to clean your windows and other exterior surfaces to absorb much more dirt. Add to this the fact that I am cleaning with hot water and you begin to see why I am setting new standards in cleaning windows and other exterior surfaces.

Wash & Reach System

External Cleaning Houses and Flats

My wash and reach system enables us to clean houses and flats up to 5th floor level from the ground. Using this system I clean window frames as well as windows. The use of hot water gives a fantastic finish even when windows or other exterior surfaces have not been cleaned for a long time and first cleans. My system can cope with difficult to reach windows such as windows above a conservatory of some other fragile structure.

Cleaning Conservatories Fascias Solar Panels and Gutters

In addition to cleaning windows and other glazed surfaces I can clean conservatories, fascias, solar panels and gutters. In many cases I can clean from the ground in total safety where traditional methods required the use of cradles and hydraulic platforms or even abseiling techniques.

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My vehicle is self contained carrying 1000 litres of water and everything else I need to provide you with an exceptional window and exterior cleaning service. Use my call-me-back message form on this page, telephone or email to discuss your requirements and set an appointment.